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Enterprise-wide CAD Management
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Comfortably manage all CAD drawings company-wide

Open CAD Manager enables powerful drawing management within document or enterprise content management systems. Automatic keywording with attributes from the CAD file is supported along with external references and links and workflow and revision-proof archiving. Users across the company can access CAD drawings for comparison and release without the need of an expensive CAD station.

In focus: Construction and facility management

The ever-growing functionality of Open CAD Manager is the result of many successful installations with over 3,000 end-users. Open CAD Manager is not just a useful tool for design. It is also increasingly being used in facility management, building information management, and in utility networks.

Comprehensive article, product, and project records

The integration of Open CAD Manager with an ECM system enables the combination of CAD drawings, office documents, e-mails, photos, and more into a single central archive. For example, employees on-site or in the office have access via a tablet to a wide variety of electronic drawings in original or PDF format. They can display specific layers of building or machine drawings and view the complete documentation of a machine or a building project plan.

All associated tasks, processes, and work steps are logged and documented in the central archive. This guarantees transparency and control of resources, deadlines, and decisions.

Multi-CAD capable

Open CAD Manager provides a base set of functionality across a multitude of CAD software systems.

Supported CAD Systems

The following list is not exhaustive. Please contact us for inquiries about systems not listed.

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