Complex drawings often consist of a number of modules, assemblies, and individual parts. They are each presented in separate drawing files that are interrelated with each other. This makes managing the relationships among the files in a company-wide DMS or ECM system a challenge. Other CAD management systems are often stand-alone solutions restricted to those equipped with expensive CAD systems.

In contrast, Open CAD Manager makes CAD drawings available company-wide. External references are identified and dependencies resolved. The drawings are shown in their entirety using a viewer that supports automatic before / after comparison and redlining.

Open CAD Manager is ideal for distributed teams: it supports the creation of virtual project or product files where CAD files and all other related files (emails, office files, manuals, etc.) are stored. Workflows are provided for the release process, sharing and distributing drawings, and more.

Benefits of a company-wide solution

  • Standardization through the use of a common platform for all CAD systems and for all other business documents
  • Cost savings by avoiding redundant file storage
  • Process automation by linking bills of materials to the ERP system
  • Transparency through the use of “where used” lists (which component is installed where and in what quantity)
  • Shorten the time to market by making it easier to re-use existing design drawings
  • Optimized product life-cycle process by increased transparency in the design process