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We want to create a positive impact on the world by providing engineers with tools that help them work faster and smarter.

Our Story

Open Domain was founded by Uli Dreifuerst in 1996 because he believed that business software should be more than solving problems with code. He believed that business software should be simple, user-friendly, and affordable.

For 25+ years, Open Domain has served the engineering design and public healthcare industries with more meaningful software.

Our mission continues to be to have a positive impact on communities around the world through software that is simple, user-friendly, and affordable.


Who we are

Open Domain strives to create a culture of creativity and empowerment. To empower engineers we need to be empowered ourselves.

We are passionate about helping engineers and creating tools that have a positive impact on the world. 

Where we are

San Ramon


9 Crow Canyon Court, Suite 108
San Ramon, California 94583, USA



Virchowstraße 20
D-14482 Potsdam


USA, Germany



Open Domain founded

Open Domain was founded by Uli Dreifuerst in 1996 after finding a need for business software that is simple, user-friendly, and affordable.


Public Healthcare Initiative

Developed a platform that enabled different healthcare organizations to exchange information, among them programs for mothers, children, immunization, and private providers.


Open CAD Manager introduction

Open CAD Manager is introduced after a need for document management systems (DMS) to handle linked CAD files was discovered.


Open Domain expanding

Open Domain opens a branch office in a historic building in Germany.


Web-based solutions for public healthcare

Open Domain develops web-based client management system for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program.


Open CAD Manager redesigned for more flexibility

Open CAD Manager was redesigned on a new service-oriented architecture that enhances customization features.


Vistapoint introduction

Open Domain introduces Vistapoint after discovering a need for a simple and connected approach to Product Data Management.

Our trusted partners

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Products / Vistapoint

Product data management made simple and connected

Vistapoint is an easy-to-use Product Data Management (PDM) system that connects teams across the product lifecycle. Work faster and smarter.

Products / Open CAD Manager

Engineering document management for an enterprise DMS

Link engineering teams to the rest of the company. Open CAD Manager (OCM) is an add-in to an enterprise Document Management System (DMS). Work faster and and break down data silos.