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Gain control with version management and permissions.

Check-out and check-in files to control who is working on what. Manage user permissions to increase workspace access and security.

Work easier as a team and manage change.

Work easier as a team by collaborating and sharing files in one place. Review work and keep up-to-date on product status.

Securely share, search, and access from anywhere.

Share files with internal teams or external collaborators from anywhere, remotely or in the office. Store files securely on the Cloud.

Next Generation PDM

Simple. Powerful. Empowering.

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Built with you in mind

Easy to use experience to get everyone onboard faster, design faster, and make collaboration easier.

Connect your work

Integrate with CAD software from over 10+ CAD and Office integrations to connect your work.

Better value, more impact

Powerful functionality at a better value, so it can have a bigger impact on the success of your team.

Design faster

CAD version control

Check-out and check-in files to create a new version. Track version changes. Restore versions to avoid wasting time with rework.

Faster search

Find your files faster with quick advanced search. Search by status, index fields, and more. Spend less time searching and more time designing.

Metadata extraction

Extract metadata from CAD files with one-way and two-way binding. View and edit metadata directly from Vistapoint.

Data library

Add index fields to your files to make them easily searchable. Lock and unlock files, archive old designs, and use easy search to find old files.

Work easier as a team


Add comments, set a status, and share with a link to collaborate on designs. View neutral CAD 3D formats in the browser.

Change management

Integrate with a Change and Release module to track Configuration Items, Request for Change items, or Engineering Change Orders. Track releases and what changed.

Controlled access

Assign user permissions per workspace or globally. Give users Admin, Edit, Read-only access to your files.


Create file reports for transmittals or parts lists. Add index fields. Export to Excel or CSV format.

Fit your process, save on IT overhead

Cloud storage

Opt for Cloud or On-Premise. Lower IT costs and make it easily accessible from anywhere with Cloud. Or manage your own IT resources with On-Premise.


Create workspace templates to get started quickly with a default folder structure and permissions. Maintain consistency in organization across projects and products.


Configure document statuses, index fields to assign labels to your files, document classes to configure index fields per file type. Configure user groups and roles.

Simplified Admin

Lower IT costs with easier system management. Add users, assign users to groups, and manage roles. Easily configure the system to fit your workflow.

Connect your work

Over 10+ CAD and Office integrations. Looking for an integration? Let us know. We are always looking to help you connect your work.

Vistapoint PDM Integrations
Vistapoint PDM CAD viewers

3D Web Viewer

Supports IFC, STEP, STL, and 10+ more.

Learn more about the benefits of agile PDM software.

Resources to help you select the best solution and learn more about PDM and engineering document management best practices.

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