Control product data.

Gain control of your product data and find your files in one place so you can track the entire life of the product.

Manufacturing Product Data Management Software

Product Data Management Software for Manufacturers.

Less time searching and reworking. More control and clarity.

Faster time to market.

Easily manage product drawing assemblies and product information for a faster time to market.

Less rework and easier reuse.

Control file versions so you don't lose or repeat your work. Gain advanced search and part solution integrations so you can find and reuse existing part designs.

Secure intellectual property.

Control access to designs and store long term. Only see the files you need to see.

Features manufacturers love.

Access from anywhere

Access your files from anywhere and host your data on-premise or on the cloud.

Version Control

Control file versions so you can avoid rework.

Key integrations

Integrate with Solidworks, Creo, Siemens NX, Solid Edge, and more. Integrate with PARTSolutions for easier part resuse.

Metadata management

Manage file metadata so you can search for files by part numbers, supplier, and more.


Share files easily with file links and store your files in one place.

Ease of use

Use the folder tree structure you are already familiar with so you can get started quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturers, big and small, can use Vistapoint. However, Vistapoint is ideal for small to medium sized companies because of it’s flexibility and ease of use. We can help manage the quick timelines and needs of product designers, manufacturers, and more—all on one platform.

Vistapoint integrates with Microsoft Office apps, popular CAD software apps used in the manufacturing industry, and PARTSolutions. So you can work the way you want to, all without ever leaving Vistapoint. Please contact us for the full list of app integrations.

Vistapoint has a transparent pricing model that includes continuous updates and best-in-class support so you can accurately budget your annual software spend without worrying about increased costs. To learn more, please contact sales.

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