Open CAD Manager

Link engineering teams to the rest of the company. Open CAD Manager is an add-in to an enterprise Document Management System (DMS).

Connect your team

Integrate your CAD software with Open CAD Manager. Open CAD Manager has a  comprehensive integrations list. You can connect and manage all of your company files including CAD files. With Open CAD Manager you can connect your marketing, sales, HR, engineering, and manufacturing teams.

Connect Teams CAD Manager


Integrate your CAD software

Vistapoint supports over 15 CAD software integrations so engineering teams can store files in the same place.

Multi-CAD PDM Software


CAD reference management

Engineers often use Computer Aided Design (CAD) files that contain references. Vistapoint manages file references so you can work faster without the hassle of unorganized files and missing links.


Easily share files

Save on the cost of managing multiple file systems and just store your files in one place. Share files with internal teams, customers, and partners.


Keep your IP secure

Keep your intellectual property secure. Assign user permissions on the record or document level. Make sure files get into the right hands.



Product Data Management


Integrate multiple CAD systems

Version Control

Control file versions

Metadata Management

Control file metadata

Open interface for customization

Customize to your workflow

Viewer integration

View files in DMS

CAD software add-in

Work from your CAD software

Automated link management

Control file links

Additional Solutions

MS Office Link Management

Control file links for Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PPT, etc.)

Drawing number generator

Set a standardized & automated drawing number

Migrate legacy data

Time tested tools for importing CAD files and references

Replace old title blocks

Automatically replace title blocks

Before and after change comparison of drawings (2D)

Just review what you need to review

Insert a stamp or watermark into a PDF file

Automate and protect your files

Automatic creation of PDF or PDF/A

Store files long term


Open CAD Manager is used by engineers, architects, designers, facility managers and other people in the product lifecycle. 

Open CAD Manager is used for managing product data and giving teams a single repository to store and find files.

PDM stands for Product Data Management. PDM is used for managing product data. PDM software is typically used by CAD users to control and manage CAD files.

PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management. PLM is used to manage product data throughout the life of the product from Idea > Engineering/Design > Manufacturing > Maintenance > Retirement.

Yes, with Open CAD Manager you can integrate multiple CAD systems so that you store and share files in your document management system.

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