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About Open Domain
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Open Domain’s mission is:

  • to be a leading provider of software, integration and professional services using advanced web and security technologies;
  • to build long-lasting customer relationships by providing the highest level of quality in applications and services; and
  • to provide a stimulating work environment where employees can thrive.

Incorporated in September 1996 by a group of highly motivated individuals, Open Domain provides exceptionally well engineered software solutions and services with great success. The initial focus was on development of internet and security solutions. Early customers included Bell Canada, Motorola, Siemens, SAP, as well as several government entities in the US.

In 1997, the first overseas office opened in Germany, which later became Open Domain Technology GmbH. It has offices near Berlin, Jever, and Basel (Switzerland). Its main focus is on sales, consulting and support for the Engineering Content Management practice in Europe. In 2001, the first version of Open CAD Manager was released and has since been successfully implemented with several Document Management Systems (DMS) as well as with multiple CAD systems. Open Domain Technology GmbH manages the relationship with the manufacturers of the DMS / ECM systems (OEM partners) and also provides management and support for customer projects. In 2003, the Jever office in Northern Germany opened with a focus on providing consulting and technical support for partners, customers, and well over 3000 end-users.

Thinking of better ways to solve problems

Open Domain’s team of highly qualified professionals has many years of experience and knows what it takes to apply information technology to real-world business challenges.

  • Our team members were early adopter of web technology – we helped devise the first Intranet for Siemens Business Communication Systems, a global telecommunications company.
  • A leading card system integrator, Open Domain supplied software and integration services for the Health Passport Project, the largest public health card project in the U.S.
  • Open Domain is the administrator of the PC/SC Workgroup, which sets standards for the integration of PCs and smart cards.

A key to Open Domain’s success is the ability to create open, standards-based solutions that offer customers a migration path, free from ties to a particular manufacturer. Our corporate policy is to be extremely flexible and responsive to customer needs, and to focus on quality of services delivered.

Memberships and Partners