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New horizons in the management and version-controlled archiving of CAD drawings and models

Archive integration in AutoCAD

The CAD Manager plug-in for Autodesk’s AutoCAD CAD program now includes a window that displays the archive folder structure with its contents. Users no longer have to switch back and forth between two programs. Files can be checked out directly in the displayed tree structure. Checked-out or locked drawings are marked in red and are locked in the archive to prevent other users from making changes.

What does the archive integration do?

  • Users select the displayed archive tree by selecting the top folder in the ECM client.
  • Allows to check CAD files in or out without switching to the ECM client.
  • The archive integration is implemented as an AutoCAD window and can be fixed, anchored and moved.
  • A search function is provided to help find documents in the archive or partial archive tree.
  • The AutoCAD archive integration automatically logs in to the ECM client.

Filing service for import and check-in

The filing service for import and check-in helps with the processing of large assemblies, which sometimes is a time-consuming process. A central service performs the import or check-in process. This way, the user does not to have to wait for the end of the process and can continue with the processing of other CAD files.

Before the service goes to work, the CAD program or library set has analyzed the entire assembly structure and has retrieved attributes, references, and parts lists. As soon as this relatively fast process has been completed, the service begins to transfer files to the archive. The service notifies the user when the process has been completed.

Support for the BricsCAD® CAD program

“CAD Software for People Who Build the Future”.

The list of supported CAD programs now includes the BricsCAD® system of the Belgian manufacturer Bricsys. BricsCAD® is based on AutoCAD and supports the DWG file format. Open CAD Manager provides a menu extension that gives access to the most important archive functions right in the CAD program.

The well-known RealDWG libraries can be used to analyze and update DWG files generated by BricsCAD even if no CAD program is available.

Further information on BricsCAD is available at