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Innovative Products with
New Technologies
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Open Domain develops innovative products with web, client/server, database, and security technology. In the age of electronic communication, where product cycles are measured in “web years” and businesses are faced with from information overflow, Open Domain’s products simplify access to information and streamline business operations.

Open CAD Manager combines CAD drawing management and professional document management. As an add-on to document management systems, Open CAD Manager enables the enterprise-wide archiving and viewing of linked documents such as CAD drawing or office files. Access and share drawings including all dependent references and attributes for a multitude of supported CAD systems.

Vistapoint is Open Domain’s simple answer to the quest for a low-cost yet feature-rich engineering content management system. In combination with Open CAD Manager, Vistapoint provides a complete end-to-end solution for managing all your engineering content, from product development to manufacturing and service.

Sphinx Logon Manager securely manages the myriad of logon user names and passwords which have become a part of daily life today. Sphinx Logon Manager provides convenient, secure access to networks, applications and web sites. Smart cards, contactless ID cards, and combination (hybrid) cards are supported.