EBT Connect is a plug-in EBT management module that can be added to existing WIC and SNAP MIS systems and let them take advantage of the benefits of online or offline EBT solutions. EBT Connect includes a reporting module that allows authorized users to manage and maintain EBT administrative functionality with a modern, user-friendly web interface.

The Open Domain team has implemented on-line and off-line EBT solutions for several state healthcare programs over the last twenty years. Based on this experience, we have developed a generic, customizable EBT management plug-in that allows states/agencies who wish to keep their existing WIC or SNAP MIS solutions to update to an EBT capable system in compliance with USDA FNS requirements to be EBT-enabled by 2020. With minimal downtime, EBT Connect can be integrated into existing systems at much lower cost than the alternative, upgrading to a SAM or any other MIS system compatible with EBT.


  • Integrates seamlessly into existing WIC/SNAP MIS solutions
  • Real-time benefit issuance, reconciliation and settlement
  • Card management
  • Participant management and status queries
  • Vendor management
  • UPC/PLU management


  • Real-time standardized reporting services in line with FNS requirements
  • Ad hoc and/or customized reporting capability

Support and Operations:

  • Help Desk support
  • Secure network connectivity
  • Hosting services with available DR solutions

Providing reliable, robust and easy-to-use environments for WIC & EBT using familiar web technology is our goal.