Open Domain supplied the smart card and kiosk software, integration services, smart card initialization service, kiosk monitoring service, and background system for the Western Governor’s Association Health Passport Project – the largest healthcard demonstration project in the United States. The card and the use of interactive kiosks streamline¬†access to and the delivery of a variety of public and private services and benefits.

The Health Passport Project (HPP) encompassed six federal welfare programs, 15 state health and nutrition programs, six private practices and seven different retail grocery store companies in three states. Sensitive medical information, appointment dates, and government food benefits are carried on the HPP client card.

Card Use

When HPP clients go to an appointment at a participating agency, they share the information on their HPP card with the agency. Upon completion of the appointment, any new information is loaded on to the card.

Clients review government food benefits on the HPP card at self-service touch-screen kiosks, which are located in public places throughout the client area. Clients then use their smart card to pay for their benefits at participating markets.

User-Friendly Software

The HPP user interface screens are logical and attractive. Agency personnel quickly became skilled in issuing HPP cards to clients, and updating client information.

The reporting feature is also a popular feature of the HPP software. Agency personnel can generate up-to-the-minute reports for time periods, locations and programs.

High Security

Since the information carried on the HPP card is private, security is a priority for the Health Passport Project. HPP card information is only accessible when a client inputs their PIN; thus clients have complete control over their confidential information.

Open Domain provided a high level of security for this project, including data encryption and session key protocols. The completed software was accepted by the GSA, and deemed acceptable for government requirements.

Open, Expandable System

Because the systems architecture for the Health Passport Project is open and modular, new features and agencies can be added incrementally, without impacting the existing functionality of the system. The design integrates the new smart card technology with the participating agencies’ existing systems, so that transitioning is fluid.

Project Resonance

The Western Governor’s Association worked very hard to mold a health card solution which would be both efficient and secure. They are very pleased with the outcome, and most especially happy with the high level of acceptance which has been achieved in the field for the project. State and clinic personnel, vendors, and most of all participants¬†have embraced the increased convenience which the smart card provides.